? Which are the Best Gloves for Extreme Weather Conditions and Hiking?

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GGokul MC
30 May 20211410

If you like to do skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or camping in extreme weather, you must equip yourselves with a warm pair of gloves that are tough and allow your fingers to be nimble. Last winter, I got to test out my new Power Stretch Stimulus Unisex Glove from MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR, a reputed manufacturer of outdoor winter wear.

My first impression was that they looked too elegant and delicate for the kind of extreme weather conditions that I am usually used to. The fact that they were light and thin (only 1.8 oz) did not elicit too much confidence. But I took them along to try out during my last foray into the mountains. That's where they came into their own.

While skiing, the overlay provided a good grip and was able to take some beating. Most importantly, they kept my hands warm and dry- thanks to their superb moisture-wicking capabilities. In light rain, they dried quickly too! The form-fitting 4-way stretch fabric really works to give a good tight fit. These gloves are perfect for those with longish fingers like mine. People with shorter fingers will be better off buying one size smaller.

Whether it was chopping firewood, shoveling snow, or setting up a tent, these gloves did not affect the dexterity of my hands. Moreover, the tips of the forefinger and thumb in these gloves have touchscreen-compatible Stimulus technology. This helped me use my smartphone without having to remove the gloves- a convenient feature during extreme cold. With time, however, I found the touchscreen feature to become a little less sensitive.

Overall, the Power Stretch Stimulus Unisex Glove is stylish, light, rugged, and warm for its weight and thickness. These gloves are perfect for everyday use in the winter. For extreme cold, they work as excellent liners when paired with warmer outer gloves.

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