? Which is the Best Gaming Phone?

AAdeel Khokhar
23 Feb 20215110

LG V60 ThinQ and LG Dual Screen is a stylishly made smartphone for game lovers who want to keep gaming enthusiasm along with their routine job. The dual-screen is a unique innovation and function in the LG smartphone ideal for every game-player.

With the Detachable 2 Screens, I have found various infinite choices for my steadfast routine which makes me a hassle-free teacher. I already was searching for a solution to keep all my tutoring data on only one device. The capacity of the memory in LG V60 ThinQ is the result of my search. Internal Memory: 128 GB (up to 99 GB usable) is enough for my needs, so I don't need to use my tablet, I also have a choice to increase its memory by Expandable up to 2 TB with a Micro SD Card according to the need and workload.

The 8K Video Recording feature is matchless for teaching and video lectures because I record the best quality lectures with full confidence. The tension of the low battery and repeat charging is no more, installation of All-Day 5000 mAh Battery has released my headache and LG V60 ThinQ and LG Dual Screen has doubled my working capacity with long-lasting battery timing.

Its Triple Camera System: 64 MP Standard, 13 MP Ultra-Wide and Z-Camera have maximum zoom capacity even I can see so small pictures of a hair without any blur expression. Especially, the Front: 10 MP Front-facing Camera is an extraordinary feature for my video lecturing methods of teaching. Dual 6.8" OLED FHD Displays have made my working hours awesome, I don't switch work while playing games on its crystal displays.

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