? Which is the Best Digital Security Safe Box for Home?

AAnkita Roy
12 Mar 20215310

The Viking Security Safe with a large biometric fingerprint and an LCD keypad has been going on strong without any issues or problems. Its brand name has started to become quite popular and people have begun to realise it's usefulness.

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX
Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

It features a very safe and secure 20 inch by 14 inches 12-inch solid metal with a biometric fingerprint sensor which is very responsive and can open in mere seconds. Whenever I need to access something from the safe and I am in a rush, I can rely on it to work smoothly and I keep changing the locks from time to time. I prefer both the fingerprint and the numeric keypad as a viable solution to keeping my valuables secure.

Its 500 DPI Optical sensor is the best in the market which helps in unlocking the 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism in no time. Inside of it, there are 2 pry-resistant insertion slots that increase the overall security of the safe and I can rest assured that no amount of brute force power or physical force can open it. Its 5mm Laser cut door fits perfectly into it with a four-prong backup Cross key.

Its maximum capacity is 32 fingerprints or 1 number pin which is more than enough for me and my family. Inside of it is fully carpeted with inbuilt LED lights along with three fully adjustable shelves. These shelves help me to properly organize and keep my precious valuables properly inside the safe so that they can stay in a proper pattern for easy retrievable. Only 22kg as its weight might seem odd or small but two solid steel bars of 20mm go inside the two insertion slots which makes it very secure and hard to break.

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