? Which is the Best Digital Security Safe Box for Home?

AAtanu Ray
19 May 20211110

Keeping all the prized possession safely at the home is a priority for all. Finding the ideal safe box is tricky but my experience tells me that Home Burglary Safe-M Safe PSB 220 is the ideal digital security safe box for every home.

This box has double-wall construction and made of extremely hard metal, so it's very difficult to break the box even with hammers. This product has advanced features like a European top-security electronic lock that provide 3-way locking bolts, so it gives my valuable items protection from any possible drill attack.

With advanced flush ring pull handles and high-security ECBS Class A lock, I can comfortably operate it without creating noise while opening or locking the box and during busy times I can open and lock it within a few seconds. Now no more worry about the safety of my valued articles as this box has an S2 burglary resistance rating in accordance with standard European EN 14450. This home burglary safe box is made of flame and heat-resistant material, this feature reassures me about the safety of my valued articles.

It has two racks, where I can keep my family's jewelry and important papers safely and in an organized manner. The M SAFE PSB 220 comes in a compact design with a weight of just 31 pounds and external dimension 8-5/8" H x 13-3/4" W x 11-3/ 4" D gives me the flexibility to place and install it anywhere in my room with ease.

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