? Which is the Best Digital Security Safe Box for Home?

SS. Archana
17 Apr 20219050

We all are conscious of protecting our valuables from theft, water, fire, and other scenarios lifelong. I was scared about losing my prized possessions, So I opted for the First alert, 4005DFB Anti-Theft Safe with Digital Lock 0.57 Cubic-Foot for better safety.

The product has an appropriate dimension of 19*34.59*24.61, compact to place it safely in my home. The efficient design provided me with an ample amount of space for putting all my valuables inside. I was happy with the appropriate size as it didn't eat much space. The Welded steel construction plays a significant role in securing personal items and valuables. I found the steel construction with heavy gauge welded steel and proved to be waterproof with fireproof. I ensured its safety because though the house catches fire or collapses, the digital safe box is never damaged.

First Alert 4005DFB Anti-Theft Safe comes with anti-pry delta hinges with live-steel locking door bolts two in number. I found the above feature made my safe a sturdy and durable one for long life. Hence, a one-time investment in the product was useful throughout my life. The safe is designed with pre-drilling with mounting hardware, which helped me bolt it on the floor effortlessly. This feature helped me mount my safe perfectly. The interior lighting was another innovative idea incorporated into the safe. The above feature helps in good vision while accessing the digital safe. The lighting was very beneficial for me to view my valuables as I place and remove them.

The Dual lock access is a significant feature playing a prominent role in anti-theft. The dual lock access provided me with authorized access to the digital safe box. So, apart from me, no one can access the safe without my consent. An emergency override key is also available in case the batteries turn off. The electronic keypad lock in the First alert Safe with Digital Lock was a seamless safety feature for programming passwords. If strangers enter an incorrect password many times, the lock disables the keypad. I programmed a personal three to an eight-digit password for my digital safe box for superior protection.

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