? Which is the Best Digital Security Safe Box for Home?

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
09 Mar 202119470

I have always been paranoid while buying safe's as these will contain almost all of my valuable items and I would of course want the safe to give 100% protection to these valuables. I was introduced to BARSKA Compact Biometric Security Safe with Fingerprint Lock AX11620 by a colleague and since then there is no turning back.

There are times when my careless self forgets to even close the safe, for beings like me, BARSKA has incorporated a feature in the safe which allows it to emit a continuous tone if left unlocked for more than 3-5 minutes for enhanced protection. On days when I am super busy, it helps me save my time by unlocking in just 2.5 seconds which other safes mostly fail to. It came along with a mounting hardware set which allowed me quick and easy setup of the safe.

This safe has a set of 4 AA batteries which allows it to last up to 1 year and hence I don't need to worry about checking the battery life every few months. It also comes with a hidden keyhole and backup keys which have saved me in many unfortunate events. It has an easy-to-use design system, unlike other safes which have complex systems.

The BARSKA Compact Biometric Security Safe is made up of an ultra-compact steel frame which means I can easily hide it anywhere in my room be it be beneath my bed or inside my closet. The tamper-proof inner edges will keep sensitive materials such as guns and important documents safe from my children and intruders providing extra value and peace of mind.

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