Which is the Best Digital Security Safe Box for Home?

Digital Security Safe Box is the best way to protect your valuables and precious belongings. It is a kind of fireproof and waterproof security box that provides real time monitoring and surveillance without affecting the aesthetics of the environment.

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
09 Mar 202121270

I have always been paranoid while buying safe's as these will contain almost all of my valuable items and I would of course want the safe to give 100% protection to these valuables. I was introduced to BARSKA Compact Biometric Security Safe with Fingerprint Lock AX11620 by a colleague and since then there is no turning back.

There are times when my careless self forgets to even close the safe, for beings like me, BARSKA has incorporated a feature in the safe which allows it to emit a continuous tone if left unlocked for more than 3-5 minutes for enhanced protection. On days when I am super busy, it helps me save my time by unlocking in just 2.5 seconds which other safes mostly fail to. It came along with a mounting hardware set which allowed me quick and easy setup of the safe.

This safe has a set of 4 AA batteries which allows it to last up to 1 year and hence I don't need to worry about checking the battery life every few months. It also comes with a hidden keyhole and backup keys which have saved me in many unfortunate events. It has an easy-to-use design system, unlike other safes which have complex systems.

The BARSKA Compact Biometric Security Safe is made up of an ultra-compact steel frame which means I can easily hide it anywhere in my room be it be beneath my bed or inside my closet. The tamper-proof inner edges will keep sensitive materials such as guns and important documents safe from my children and intruders providing extra value and peace of mind.

SS. Archana
17 Apr 20219550

We all are conscious of protecting our valuables from theft, water, fire, and other scenarios lifelong. I was scared about losing my prized possessions, So I opted for the First alert, 4005DFB Anti-Theft Safe with Digital Lock 0.57 Cubic-Foot for better safety.

The product has an appropriate dimension of 19*34.59*24.61, compact to place it safely in my home. The efficient design provided me with an ample amount of space for putting all my valuables inside. I was happy with the appropriate size as it didn't eat much space. The Welded steel construction plays a significant role in securing personal items and valuables. I found the steel construction with heavy gauge welded steel and proved to be waterproof with fireproof. I ensured its safety because though the house catches fire or collapses, the digital safe box is never damaged.

First Alert 4005DFB Anti-Theft Safe comes with anti-pry delta hinges with live-steel locking door bolts two in number. I found the above feature made my safe a sturdy and durable one for long life. Hence, a one-time investment in the product was useful throughout my life. The safe is designed with pre-drilling with mounting hardware, which helped me bolt it on the floor effortlessly. This feature helped me mount my safe perfectly. The interior lighting was another innovative idea incorporated into the safe. The above feature helps in good vision while accessing the digital safe. The lighting was very beneficial for me to view my valuables as I place and remove them.

The Dual lock access is a significant feature playing a prominent role in anti-theft. The dual lock access provided me with authorized access to the digital safe box. So, apart from me, no one can access the safe without my consent. An emergency override key is also available in case the batteries turn off. The electronic keypad lock in the First alert Safe with Digital Lock was a seamless safety feature for programming passwords. If strangers enter an incorrect password many times, the lock disables the keypad. I programmed a personal three to an eight-digit password for my digital safe box for superior protection.

AAtanu Ray
19 May 20211210

Keeping all the prized possession safely at the home is a priority for all. Finding the ideal safe box is tricky but my experience tells me that Home Burglary Safe-M Safe PSB 220 is the ideal digital security safe box for every home.

This box has double-wall construction and made of extremely hard metal, so it's very difficult to break the box even with hammers. This product has advanced features like a European top-security electronic lock that provide 3-way locking bolts, so it gives my valuable items protection from any possible drill attack.

With advanced flush ring pull handles and high-security ECBS Class A lock, I can comfortably operate it without creating noise while opening or locking the box and during busy times I can open and lock it within a few seconds. Now no more worry about the safety of my valued articles as this box has an S2 burglary resistance rating in accordance with standard European EN 14450. This home burglary safe box is made of flame and heat-resistant material, this feature reassures me about the safety of my valued articles.

It has two racks, where I can keep my family's jewelry and important papers safely and in an organized manner. The M SAFE PSB 220 comes in a compact design with a weight of just 31 pounds and external dimension 8-5/8" H x 13-3/4" W x 11-3/ 4" D gives me the flexibility to place and install it anywhere in my room with ease.

AAnkita Roy
12 Mar 20215310

The Viking Security Safe with a large biometric fingerprint and an LCD keypad has been going on strong without any issues or problems. Its brand name has started to become quite popular and people have begun to realise it's usefulness.

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX
Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX

It features a very safe and secure 20 inch by 14 inches 12-inch solid metal with a biometric fingerprint sensor which is very responsive and can open in mere seconds. Whenever I need to access something from the safe and I am in a rush, I can rely on it to work smoothly and I keep changing the locks from time to time. I prefer both the fingerprint and the numeric keypad as a viable solution to keeping my valuables secure.

Its 500 DPI Optical sensor is the best in the market which helps in unlocking the 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism in no time. Inside of it, there are 2 pry-resistant insertion slots that increase the overall security of the safe and I can rest assured that no amount of brute force power or physical force can open it. Its 5mm Laser cut door fits perfectly into it with a four-prong backup Cross key.

Its maximum capacity is 32 fingerprints or 1 number pin which is more than enough for me and my family. Inside of it is fully carpeted with inbuilt LED lights along with three fully adjustable shelves. These shelves help me to properly organize and keep my precious valuables properly inside the safe so that they can stay in a proper pattern for easy retrievable. Only 22kg as its weight might seem odd or small but two solid steel bars of 20mm go inside the two insertion slots which makes it very secure and hard to break.

RRomit Bhattacharyya
12 Mar 20215010

The good old steel almirahs with lockers inside were for long considered safe havens for our valuable belongings, but with time and the onset of modern technology, they have given way to digital safes. So, when I set out looking for one of these, the Godrej NX Pro Digital Home Locker was an automatic choice for me.

The device is a sure shot winner in terms of its security features as it comes with a four-six digit password that can be customized to various unique combinations. Also, this digital safe remembers the password even if its batteries are replaced, which comes in very handy for elderly people in my home, who find it difficult to reminisce passcodes.

Godrej NX Pro Digital Home Locker scores big in another security aspect - its ability to turn temporarily defunct after four consecutive unsuccessful attempts of unlocking the product. This particular feature came to my rescue during a recent incident, when an outsider tried to gain access to my valuables kept inside by feeding random passwords one after another. Offering ample space with LED internal lighting, this device can easily accommodate two medium-sized jewellery boxes, small wallets, a couple of watches, and 10-15 A4 size paper documents.

Several installation options are also available with the Godrej NX Pro Digital Home Locker, as it can be fixed from the bottom in a cupboard or almirah and can be attached to a wall as well by bolting from the backside. As far as its build is concerned, the metal used is sturdy and strong, which cannot be bent or broken in any manner to make way inside.

SSanjeev Kumar
10 Mar 20214810

SentrySafe Digital Security Safe X125 has given me significant peace of mind since I bought it to keep my valuable safe from thefts and the curious hands of my kids. There were many other models, but this specific product got my attention due to its higher protection from tool attacks.

With 1.18 cubic feet of space, this safe not only provides ample space to keep my precious items but is also suitable for my expensive gadgets such as a laptop. The solid steel construction of this safe makes it very sturdy, and heavy-duty locks provide the best sense of security to me as it makes it reliable and durable against any risk of break-ins. The touchpad of this safe is also quite good and does not cause any problems while operating it for entering the access codes.

The battery-powered digital locking systems of this safe are very convenient and easy to use, and I never have to worry even if I forget the code as it comes with override keys. One of the most impressive things about this digital safe is that it comes with soft interior lining so that I never have to worry about scratches on my valuables. Two live-locking bolts that come with this safe provide extra safety against unauthorized access to the belongings I kept in this safe.

One more thing about it is that this safe comes with bolt-down hardware which makes it almost impossible to move from the place where we install it in-home or office. The concealed hinges of this security safe are one of the unique things about SentrySafe Model X125 and provide added protection against break-in. The power cord access available with this safe is also one of the primary features which contributed to my decision to buy it.