? Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Camping?

PPushkar Jain
23 Jan 20213310

Tribit XSound Go is an Ultra-portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker that is the ultimate choice for camping and party purposes. Tribit is a generous and well-trusted brand when talking about audio products. This speaker from Tribit has 12W power handling and comes in two different colors, Blue and Black. This speaker provides a clear, rich, and room-filling sound that makes Tribit XSound Go perfect for melomaniacs. It looks ultra-stylish and wears a royal look.

The Product weighs 390 grams and is really comfortable to carry while traveling. This uses premium 4.2 Bluetooth technology and connects with every device which supports Bluetooth. It can play audio for 24 hours non-stop once it is fully charged. But it took a little longer to charge than other famous speaker brands. It is completely waterproof that's why you don't have to be afraid of rainy weather or taking it to pool parties. It is an all-weather audio solution. It's Bluetooth has a 66 feet wide range making it suitable for big halls or party areas.

It's tough exterior coating and solid internal frame keep it protected in case of falling from a height. Tribit XSound Go got an attached strap so that you can stick it easily on your bag or you can carry it hanging in your hand. This provides low bass, most probably because of its small tiny size. Although you will see no distortion. Only a little sound lean can clearly be observed at its maximum volume.

This is a wonderful choice if you got an affordable budget, that's the reason Tribit managed to draw the attention of so many people in a short time.

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