? Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Camping?

DDivakar Parashar
19 Jan 20214010

When camping, having music devices add to the fun. You can dance, play games and much more. The speaker for gaming must-have features such as

  • Lightweight; as you are already laden with essentials you certainly do not want to add extra burden on your back.
  • Sound quality and intensity; the music that you play on it must be clear and not play like a radio from 1960s, at the same time, it should be loud enough that it is audible to everyone in your group
  • Good battery life is a must. A dead speaker at the very beginning of camp is surely a mood killer.
  • budget-friendly, unless you are in the league of Richie Rich.

There is only one such speaker that meets all these criteria.

SRS-XB402M Alexa Enabled EXTRA BASS™ BLUETOOTH® Party Speaker By Sony (A brand which we have trusted for decades now)

This speaker is designed to give you a three-dimensional experience with dual active radiators technology embedded in it. There is also a live button on it, pressing which you will have a whole new experience that you haven't even thought of. This creates festival vibes with extra bass and is able to deliver precise sound to a large area so that more people can enjoy the beat.

Party without party lights is no fun. This speaker gives this additive advantage of having a party lighting system also which will just make the mood. With wifi and Bluetooth enabled this speaker can be controlled by a Sony music app and Alexa likewise. Also, this speaker is waterproof so you don't have to worry much and can enjoy the scene hassle-free.

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