? Which is the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Camping?

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
15 Apr 20215210

Going out to relax with our friends or family is very common and ensures that we enrich our relationships and bond with each other. With such an outing there is always a need to carry a source of entertainment and the Denon Envaya DSB-250BT Bluetooth Speaker never disappoints.

Envaya DSB-250BT has an ideal small size making it very portable as it can be thrown into the bag pack and will occupy very little space enabling me to carry it comfortably with me on most occasions. Black matte rubber at the ends ensures it doesn't crush by absorbing any force during an impact whenever I drop it by mistake, and sealed buttons help to keep dust particles from penetrating into the speaker, also making it waterproof. Such features make it possible for me to swim with my speaker and often I find this very fun.

At moderate volume, the Envaya DSB-250BT Bluetooth speaker can last up to 13 hours. This helps me to have a much longer entertainment session and is ideal for use in outdoor camping especially where there might be a hindrance in accessing the charger. It is also easy to check the amount of power left by long-pressing the power button which will light up a 5-LED array on the front part to show how much charge is remaining. with this, I can be able to use it with caution.

It is also easy to link up two speakers by pressing the Bluetooth buttons for five seconds. With such a stereo pairing the combo sound will definitely be awesome in an outdoor event enabling me and my friends to enjoy the quality sound every time we go out. Lastly, having two 40mm active drivers and a 53x135mm passive radiator, the speaker is able to produce an impressive authoritative bass that is pleasing and enjoyable, making the whole experience worthwhile every time I use the device.

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