? Which is the Best Bluetooth Mouse Recommended for Gaming?

NNeelesh Rawat
06 Jun 20212510

To quench my gaming thirst, I needed a seamless handling device with a precise grip to control camera angles effectuated by refined gaming frames. Eventually, after rummaging through the internet, the Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless mouse grasped my attention.

This gaming mouse comes equipped with the Truemove3 sensor (for surface tracking) and a dedicated secondary depth sensor (for instant lift-off detection), significantly escalating its precision. I personally have Windows PC, however, this mouse comes with extensive compatibility with OS, including Mac, Linux, and even Xbox console (provided with USB port). The soft-touch plastic covering combined with matte finish buttons on the left side make it a convenient gaming device assisting my dominant gaming. Behind a finely tuned scroll wheel sporting a rubberized surface, there exists a button to customize the DPI of this mouse.

The comfy shape combined with 1ms latency (1000 Hz) has drastically honed my shooting skills in various PC games. Besides, it features a splendid battery which gives me around 20-22 hours of running time. Being an ardent gamer, I play FPS games for almost 6-8 hours per day, and it sprints incessantly for roughly three days. Moreover, I truly admire its lightning-fast charging delivering uninterrupted performance for the entire day with only ten minutes of charging.

This Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless mouse is an excellent lightweight device fused with eight removable weights (each of 4 grams) that can be adjusted according to your balancing requirements. Without the cable attached, this mouse is a 121 gram beast with 256 optimum tuning configurations for better hand movements, delivering an excellent gaming experience. Thanks to its IP54 rating offering top-tier dust and water resistance for my rough gaming. To be honest, I adore its sturdy build quality delivering superior control throughout my gaming sessions.

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