? Which is the Best Bluetooth Mouse Recommended for Gaming?

PPushkar Jain
20 Jan 20215110

It has been too long and Logitech has never failed to impress gamers like us who do not want to compensate with their gaming experience. Choosing the perfect mouse for gaming is so vital because the mouse accounts for 70% of gaming. Considering this scenario, this beast from Logitech seems to be the best option.

Its 16k DPI and extremely low weight make it unbeatable at its budget line. This beauty comes with 60 hours of working when fully charged once. Enough for two days, I guess. It has 11 buttons in total and hyper-fast scrolling making your gaming experience even smoother. You can unlock the scrolling wheel for infinite scrolling which is an advantage when dealing with long documents or lengthy websites. Uncomfortable scrolling wheel is the issue in major gaming mouse but Logitech makes sure gamers don't have to curse the mouse this time.

Its body shape has confirmed that there is no rival to this beauty and beast combination. Fully customized RGB light made up of 16.8 million colors will make your gaming experience PREMIUM when working in a low-light area. The company added Optical HERO 16K Sensor which is the new revolution in the gaming industry.

The research behind portraying and finalizing the size of this mouse made it well suited for a bigger palm grip, special thanks to its eye-catching shape and thumb rest. Although it could be a problem for people with small hands. No offense, but it seems really difficult to reach the snipper button.

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