Which is the Best Bluetooth Mouse Recommended for Gaming?

A Bluetooth mouse for gaming seems to be the go-to nowadays. When it comes down to selecting what is best for you, the key features help the charging and discharging time, quality of the wireless transmission, accessibility of keys, DPI etcetera.

YYentl Dawn Henriques
12 Jan 202118370

Gaming for long periods can cause your hands to cramp up when you use the same mouse that you would use in an office, that is why it is extremely important to invest in a product that does not only look amazing but can also perform excellently.

The Zorro Pro Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouses’ ergonomic cyborg design and features are every gamer's dream. You should check out its LED light color that has 7 adjustable levels which is extremely pleasurable for any PC gaming enthusiast.

The Zorro Pro Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse has a built-in 600mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable and will last you 7 days on a single charge. Cool right! Well, it gets cooler. This gaming mouse can handle all your gaming needs and its 2.4G wireless transmission is not only secure and precise but also transmits to a distance of up to 10 meters (33ft approximately). There are virtually no delays or dropouts and it does not even need a driver. All you have to do is plug it in and start playing your favorite games like CyberPunk, Skyrim, and even Dota2.

It also boasts 6 mechanical buttons with functions like the next page and previous page. If you do not want to use these functions you can simply turn their functionality off, as well as the colorful light by pressing the button on the back of the mouse. However, in my personal opinion, the mouse looks a lot better when the lights are turned on.

The company also provides its customers with a 1-year warranty that can be availed of if you face any technical issues with the mouse. All in all, it is a great purchase and you should consider getting yourself one if you are a gamer.

VVishesh Pariyani
16 Feb 202112630

Pictek is one of the best brands dealing with the gaming mouse. I will prefer this gaming mouse because I am using it and I am very satisfied with this Pictek 7 Professional Ergonomic Mice. The most amazing thing I like about this gaming mouse is that we can customize its functions, mouse sensitivity, and speed of scrolling.

It comes with an option of 7200 DPI, which makes my gaming experience far better and I also have the option to adjust its DPI and this feature is quite helpful for me to beat my competitors. It was tough for me to choose this product because I am left-hander but this gaming mouse is comfortable for both hands.

Its sleek and ergonomic design never let my hand pain. I am playing for many hours without any pain because it is very lightweight and comfortable. Its RGB lights are very helpful in playing games at night and it comes with 16.8 million color options with 8 backlight modes. So it makes it easier for me to adjust the light at my convenience. When I don't want light, I just press the bottom button for 3 seconds and the light gets off.

The rubber roller is very soft to use, I didn't feel any pressure in using that. Users can do all the adjustments with the help of software. If I talk about my experience then this Gaming mouse is perfect for FPS and Fortnite games. After all, I will recommend this gaming mouse to all the users because I like the features of this gaming mouse. The price is easily affordable for gamers so it will be a great choice to go with this product because Pictek had provided all the relevant functions that a gaming mouse should have.

NNeelesh Rawat
06 Jun 20212610

To quench my gaming thirst, I needed a seamless handling device with a precise grip to control camera angles effectuated by refined gaming frames. Eventually, after rummaging through the internet, the Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless mouse grasped my attention.

This gaming mouse comes equipped with the Truemove3 sensor (for surface tracking) and a dedicated secondary depth sensor (for instant lift-off detection), significantly escalating its precision. I personally have Windows PC, however, this mouse comes with extensive compatibility with OS, including Mac, Linux, and even Xbox console (provided with USB port). The soft-touch plastic covering combined with matte finish buttons on the left side make it a convenient gaming device assisting my dominant gaming. Behind a finely tuned scroll wheel sporting a rubberized surface, there exists a button to customize the DPI of this mouse.

The comfy shape combined with 1ms latency (1000 Hz) has drastically honed my shooting skills in various PC games. Besides, it features a splendid battery which gives me around 20-22 hours of running time. Being an ardent gamer, I play FPS games for almost 6-8 hours per day, and it sprints incessantly for roughly three days. Moreover, I truly admire its lightning-fast charging delivering uninterrupted performance for the entire day with only ten minutes of charging.

This Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless mouse is an excellent lightweight device fused with eight removable weights (each of 4 grams) that can be adjusted according to your balancing requirements. Without the cable attached, this mouse is a 121 gram beast with 256 optimum tuning configurations for better hand movements, delivering an excellent gaming experience. Thanks to its IP54 rating offering top-tier dust and water resistance for my rough gaming. To be honest, I adore its sturdy build quality delivering superior control throughout my gaming sessions.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
16 Apr 20213310

Being a game fanatic makes me use a lot of time glued on the screen by playing action games on the online platform with my friends. Acquiring the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO mouse has really improved my gaming skills enabling these games to feel more enjoyable.

The Dark Core RGB PRO mouse has a fairly small size which I find to be very ideal for my use as I can easily carry it in my bag pack and use it whenever I feel like gaming on my laptop. Its ergonomic shape is sleek and very comfortable and has been designed to fit perfectly on the right hand ensuring that whenever I use it for a long time my hand does not get tired easily. The body is fabricated with matte plastic and textured rubber on its back and scroll wheel ensuring that every time I use it I have a perfect grip and this increases my accuracy on various occasions.

The mouse is very sensitive with about 1800 DPI making it one of the best gaming devices. With increased sensitivity, my level of accuracy is high and every time I indulge in my gaming activities I win with ease. In addition to that, the mouse is wireless and connects to the pc using Bluetooth technology and this gives me the freedom of moving it during action without worrying about tangled and stuck cables.

With RGB lighting present throughout the mouse especially on the sides, logo, and scroll button, the Dark Core RGB PRO looks very appealing during use giving me a feeling of enthusiasm. Lastly, with a low click latency, the mouse registers my actions instantly and this greatly minimizes any error in my gaming experience.

AA. Vijay Kumar
09 Feb 20213210

Redragon M686 VAMPIRE ELITE Wireless Gaming Mouse responds at lightning speed, unlike the conventional mouse I was using before as it has a higher DPI (dots per inch). Because of the high DPI, lag on the screen is reduced to a staggering 0.05 secs, which makes me feel animated.

Although I am a moderate gamer, the usual mouse that is meant for a PC was not so comfortable for gaming, especially when I used to play for a prolonged period of time, so I wanted to buy one gaming mouse. From a recommendation of one of my friends, I purchased a Redragon M686 VAMPIRE ELITE Wireless Gaming Mouse, and believe me, it was a good decision.

Now, I will be so absorbed that I unknowingly extend the gaming time. So, you can be sure you will not be in a disconcerting mood because of the slow response. This strikingly imposing gaming mouse is of perfect dimensions compatible with a human hand. Also, it comes with several additional features such as a professional sensor, 45-hour durable battery power, and customizable macro. The RGB backlights for PCs or laptops are sure to aggrandize the enthusiasm of every gamer.

The side buttons, aka programmable buttons, help carry out game commands with the press of a button, thus eliminating the need to keep hotkeys in the mind's eye. The main advantage of the programmable buttons is you can assign a specific game action to each button.

Kids will adore the Redragon M686 VAMPIRE ELITE Wireless Gaming Mouse because of its fancy looks. Get your kid this mouse and let him cheerfully flaunt it.

PPranay Patel
21 Jan 20212810

When it comes to buying the latest gaming equipment, everyone would recommend you the Razer brand. The brand is known for manufacturing eye-catchy and durable gaming components and accessories. If you are searching for a new Bluetooth Mouse to enhance your gaming experience, then Razer's Basilisk X HyperSpeed should be your choice.

The reason why this mouse is recommended here is it gives you the best gaming experience with faster speed and unique design. This mouse carries dual wireless mode that gives you faster and precise clicks every time you use it. The company claims that this mouse is 25% faster than other Bluetooth or wireless mouses present in the market.

To give you the best of information about this mouse, here we have compiled a list of its unique features that you must check:

Key Features:

  • Up to 99.4% tracking accuracy with advanced Optical Sensor
  • 25% faster speed with 450 IPS
  • Equipped with dual modes- Gaming mode and HyperSpeed Wireless Mode
  • The long-lasting battery of 450 hours
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Durable mechanical keys with the life of 50 million clicks
  • Low battery indicator with red light

Unlike the standard wireless mouses available in the market, this unique gaming mouse equips six different programmable buttons. These buttons help users in configuring the system and using the macro functions of the game or the software. You can get the ultimate gaming experience with its unique HyperSpeed Wireless Mode.

PPushkar Jain
20 Jan 20215110

It has been too long and Logitech has never failed to impress gamers like us who do not want to compensate with their gaming experience. Choosing the perfect mouse for gaming is so vital because the mouse accounts for 70% of gaming. Considering this scenario, this beast from Logitech seems to be the best option.

Its 16k DPI and extremely low weight make it unbeatable at its budget line. This beauty comes with 60 hours of working when fully charged once. Enough for two days, I guess. It has 11 buttons in total and hyper-fast scrolling making your gaming experience even smoother. You can unlock the scrolling wheel for infinite scrolling which is an advantage when dealing with long documents or lengthy websites. Uncomfortable scrolling wheel is the issue in major gaming mouse but Logitech makes sure gamers don't have to curse the mouse this time.

Its body shape has confirmed that there is no rival to this beauty and beast combination. Fully customized RGB light made up of 16.8 million colors will make your gaming experience PREMIUM when working in a low-light area. The company added Optical HERO 16K Sensor which is the new revolution in the gaming industry.

The research behind portraying and finalizing the size of this mouse made it well suited for a bigger palm grip, special thanks to its eye-catching shape and thumb rest. Although it could be a problem for people with small hands. No offense, but it seems really difficult to reach the snipper button.