? Which is the Best Bicycle for Adventurous Rides on Mountains and Cities?

GGokul MC
21 May 2021910

As an adventure-seeking mountain biker, I was always on the lookout for a versatile mountain bike that can handle steep climbs, corner tight bends, and ride rough terrain with ease. My quest ended after I tried out the Ibis Ripmo V2 XT.

Ibis Cycles Ripmo V2 XT Bike
Ibis Cycles Ripmo V2 XT Bike

This stylish mountain bike has 29" wheels, excellent cornering capabilities, and is comfortable for long rides. It has a rugged look and seems to blend in with the sort of terrain it is made to tackle. It rides or seems to glide over the rockiest mountain paths due to its advanced shock absorption system.

But what tilted the XT towards my favor was its geometry. The seat tube angle and the longish reach were perfect for my height. It placed me in a central position that was efficient for long rides. The head­tube angle and the reduced-off set fork perfectly aligned me for steep climbs, descents, and the plains in between.

Both the front and the rear suspension of this mountain bike can be custom-tuned. It has extra light high-speed com­pres­sion and rebound damp­ing for superb purchase in even the bumpiest terrains. The dw-link plat­form delivers optimum ped­al­ing effi­cien­cy by keeping the wheels glued to the ground. It doesn't rely on shock tune. Due to a combination of these features, this bike doesn't require over­damped com­pres­sion to reduce ped­al feedback. The bike's kine­mat­ics do all the hard work without putting too much stress on the shocks. All you have to do is keep pedaling!

Another notable feature of this latest offering from Ibis is its compatibility with both coil and air shocks. This feature enhances trac­tion and gives and efficiently converts your stroke to motion. The generous tire clearance in this bike allows you to run large, chunky tires or light, big vol­ume fast tires. I also liked the IGUS bush­ings in the low­er link. They are light, stiff, main­te­nance free, and last the lifetime of the bike. I need not change the bearings every season as I used to in my earlier mountain bikes.

The lightweight premium carbon makes the XT strong, light, and stiff for optimum ride per­for­mance. The bike is light enough to carry over areas where you can't ride it. Moreover, I liked the internal cable routing (no ungainly open cables) and the removable mount. The bike comes with a poly­car­bon­ate down­tube pro­tec­tor to deflects debris. The ele­gant link­age pro­tec­tors also keep the bike neat by stopping mud and rocks thrown up by the tires.

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