? Which is the Best Bicycle for Adventurous Rides on Mountains and Cities?

AAtanu Ray
11 Apr 202111130

Cycling on an unknown terrain is an amazing experience. Hero has a long range of exciting cycles for adventure seekers out of that Hero Cycle Attitude 24T 21S FS DD is perfect for an adrenaline rush ride.

Hero ATTITUDE 24T Mountain Bike
Hero ATTITUDE 24T Mountain Bike

It offers gear and disc brakes that provide me the flexibility to cover the difficult landscape. It's amazing that I can stop and start the cycle even when I am riding at high speed. The body of this cycle is built by superior quality steel and joined by rigid suspension which made it really sturdy. The Flexible body of this super cycle is capable of shock absorption, so keeps me going undeterred in a difficult landscape. I often left it in wet condition but despite that, it didn't catch rust easily, so this cycle requires less maintenance and didn't burden my pocket.

The Saddle of my favourite Hero Cycle Attitude 24T 21S FS DD has comfortable painted PU with QR allows me a delightful sitting experience, so I can Cycle long distances without having any pain in my back. Matt finish and the straight handle are ideal for passionate riders like me. The straight handle and right tyre size allow me to maintain the correct posture. The peddle is rightly designed to give maximum comfort while peddling it even when crossing uneven surfaces.

Tyre size is 26 T x 2.40 button pattern nylon has been meticulously designed to provide a hard grip of the surface which is an extremely important aspect for speedy cycling. I observed that it's hardly skidding even when riding over sand or rubble. Mudguard is dual-tone dual-color and long-lasting. My best friend's weight is just 21.48 kg. , so I carried it comfortably for crossing small creeks.

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