? Which is the Best and Lightweight Snow Jacket for Extreme Weather?

SSanjeev Kumar
22 Feb 202119310

Wantdo Men's Down Jacket has now become my inseparable partner in winter as I have fallen in love with the workmanship of this jacket. At the beginning of this winter, my quest for a new snow jacket made me buy it, and I am pretty happy about my decision.

Wantdo Mens Down Jacket
Wantdo Mens Down Jacket
Credits : WANTDO

The first thing about this jacket that got my attention is its removable fur hood. I was amazed at how it keeps my head warm in even heavy snowfalls. The combo of zipper and button closure also impressed me a lot. The warm and cozy pockets of this jacket kept me protected from chilling cold and one of the best things about it was that the jacket was windproof.

Wantdo Men's Down Jacket comes with inner pockets which give me enough space to keep my cash and other personal items. Its two-way SBS zipper was one of the unique things I found in it. Its cozy and warm feel made me feel like it's a second skin and it was pretty lightweight too. The stitching density of this jacket was also good which reduces the risk of wear and tear and its waterproofing capabilities are good enough to wear it even on rainy days.

The ribbed adjustable cuff helped me to prevent cold winds from entering through sleeves while traveling in harsh winds. I found that it was snug enough so that I can wear it with thinner garments and big enough to wear on heavy winter garments. When I first saw it I was not sure whether it was comfortable enough to wear with thick winter clothing but I was amazed when I tested it for the first time.

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