? Which is the Best and Lightweight Snow Jacket for Extreme Weather?

GGokul MC
25 May 2021910

Come winter, I never miss a chance to indulge in my favorite winter pastime- ice fishing. This winter, I had a chance to try out my new Freeze Defense 3in1 Men’s Winter Coat Jacket in Lake Winnipeg.

This 3in1 snow jacket is the perfect foil for icy conditions. It is tough, waterproof, and windproof. It keeps you warm in storms, rain, sleet, and snow! The best part is that this 3-season jacket system is ideal for my everyday casual use, from outdoor work to commuting in the cold months. Here is why I love this product-

Superb insulation- This all-in-one winter solution is insulated with 12 oz of polyester padding. It comes with a detachable and reversible vest that can be worn by itself on cool days. When it becomes cooler, I use only the jacket without the vest for more warmth. During colder days, I wear the jacket along with the vest for a double insulation layer. For times when the cold is intense, I zip the vest with the jacket to create more insulation pockets for extra warmth. The bottom line is, this versatile jacket kept me warm even in near arctic conditions.

Water and wind-resistant shell- The water and the wind-resistant shell kept me warm and snug inside during a full-blown snowstorm. Moreover, the detachable hood that comes with the jacket is also waterproof, insulated, and adjustable. The velcro and elastic chords kept the hood secured to my head while giving me a comfortable and snug fit. The jacket has a waist cord and elastic wrist cuff to prevent the cold air or water from getting inside and compromising the insulation. Furthermore, it has a storm flap that ensures that the cold air doesn't get inside through the coat's zipper.

Extra zippered pockets- The nine zippered pockets allowed me to store things such as a phone, keys, wallet, and other items securely. Moreover, it keeps the water and snow away from your belongings. Apart from this, the reversible vest too has two pockets on each side. I used these pockets to store items such as gloves, matchboxes, and my wallet.

Ideal for outdoor activities- Made of 100% rip-stop nylon shell that is water and wind-resistant, the Freeze Defense 3in1 Men’s Winter Coat Jacket is tough as well as functional. It is perfect for a person like me who loves camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, and fishing in winter.

To wind off, this excellent all-in-one winter jacket is stylish, functional, and tough. After testing it out in the ice fishing trip to Winnipeg Lake, it has become one of my treasured possessions.

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