Which is the Best and Favorite Diamond Ring Brand?

Your love is precious. Your heart is priceless. Show them both with a Favorite Diamond Ring Brand ring that will last forever. Diamond Rings are the most precious jewels for women.

SS. Archana
24 Feb 2021166100

A diamond ring is unquestionably the first choice for any woman while purchasing gems. The stunning gemstone comes with a seamless finish, making your finger admirable Hence I decided to pick the Twogether collection from Forevermark.

The specialty of the Twogether collection is the featuring of two striking diamonds in a single ring. I found this very special as it portrays couples and their special bond. The classic look and undeniable elegance of the diamond ring grabbed my attention. It out beat all other ornaments and was perfect for all my outfits.

The Twogether collection owes fantastic durability and damage proof too. Hence there are no restrictions about wearing it. The best feature I admired about Forevermark is their thought away from the traditional patterns. The unique design highlighted my finger with radiance. The startling fact I love is the unconventional cutting style in the ring. Such innovations make the diamond ring a perfect gift for my partner for expressing love.

The pattern portrays the extreme skill, with multiple stones set along the rails resulting in an innovative design. Such jewelry with creative artistry gained me surplus compliments. The detailing in design and quality work urged me to purchase the diamond ring without a pause. Forevermark has a massive collection of diamond rings to choose out. Expert craftsmanship shreds evidence in every diamond ring. With loads of love for diamond jewelry, I chose the Twogether collection from Forevermark as it embellishes my beauty with elegance and originality.

RRomit Bhattacharyya
24 Jan 202117270

Over the years, diamonds have not only become a woman’s best friend, but even men adorn themselves with various kinds of diamond jewelry. The precious metal is worn as a ring, a nose ring, a necklace, a bracelet, and even as an anklet. Many people prefer to sport diamonds not only on special occasions but also as daily wear. It is also an ideal gifting option for every age group. Diamond rings, however, are extremely popular as it’s a perfect style statement and symbolic of a person’s love, marriage, and prosperity. The market is filled with diamond brands and choosing among them is an arduous task.

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend Malabar Gold & Diamonds for every kind of diamond jewelry and rings in particular. They have a huge collection of diamond rings from solitaire to multi-finger suited for every occasion and are available at various price points. You can choose from their numerous categories like daily wear, office wear, casual wear, and party wear. Their diamond jewelry is completely trustworthy as the company offers maintenance for life on its items, provides authenticity certificates with easy returns and exchanges. What’s more, they also include one-year insurance for all jewelry above a price bracket. The brand has online purchase options, too, but it is advisable to buy from offline stores since diamond is a high-value item, and besides, one can choose the right size by trying out the jewelry.

All these features make Malabar Gold & Diamonds an automatic choice when it comes to diamond rings as well as all kinds of diamond jewelry.

HHajirah Mahmood
21 Jan 20214640

The day you think about spending your life with a particular person and seal the deal with her, you must think about the engagement ring. The package comes with so many options of brands available in the marketplace, among them you will have to choose the best one for your happy day.

Tiffany & Co Engagement Rings
Tiffany & Co Engagement Rings
Credits : TIFFANY & CO

Although there are a lot of brands throwing competition at selling beautiful diamond engagement rings in the market. I will recommend Tiffany & Co to buy your diamond ring. It has been working and selling engagement diamond rings since 1998. It has perfectly maintained its record and value among the list of top sellers in the marketplace, throughout all these years.

With more than 1 century in a similar business, it has always evolved its designs according to the trends of the respective year, decade, and century. Important thing is that you can buy any of the vintage-style engagement rings belonging to the traditional solitary category of rings. All the rings at Tiffany & Co exhibit unique designs and excellent craftsmanship.

There is a signature Tiffany style for the setting of diamonds in the metal. It features six prongs surrounding and lifting the diamond bringing it to light. It holds the diamond strongly while not hiding any part of it to let your love brighten the heart of your fiance.

The modern form of Tiffany's ring includes a halo ring, which features a central stone-lined with a row of small-sized diamonds adding extra glamour to the ring. Similarly, there are many other designs that are not mentioned here, but I assure you they are as remarkable as those mentioned here.

SShreya Chaudhary
30 Mar 20213820

When the thought of purchasing a ring comes to my mind, a precious, beautiful diamond ring, is the first thing that I think of. For my engagement ceremony, I decided to go with the Waverly Diamond Engagement Ring by Brilliant Earth, as my first choice, as it just happens to be the ring of my dreams, from an even more amazing brand - Brilliant Earth.

This ring is very very special to me as this is the first and only diamond ring that I have ever bought for myself till date, and as more time passes by, I am still completely astonished by the striking beauty of it all! I would like to thank them profusely, for cultivating supremely wonderful rings, since their conception in 2005. They are able to showcase a truly wide range of rings of the highest quality possible and of the best style as well, for which I am truly grateful!

Another thing that I admire about the diamond rings from Brilliant Earth, is the pains that they have taken to ensure that the diamonds encrusted in the rings are essentially ethically conflict-free diamonds. The rings produced are cruelty free in every sense as they are mostly made from recycled precious metals, making them both stylish and the most environment-friendly pieces to have in your ring collection.

The rings from this brand have a special touch of elegance to them and arrive in an elegant packaging called FSC certified packaging, as part of their commitment to reducing the brand's environmental and carbon footprint. I see their commitment to being an environmentally friendly as well as a stylish, quality diamond brand as something to be emulated by others ring brands as they have set the standards pretty high.

PPriti Kumari
18 Jan 20214120

We all want a luxurious life and for people who want to live a beautiful life, jewelry plays a very important role. Women always like to have diamond rings and they become so happy if it is beautiful in design and looks so gorgeous. If you buy this brand's product you can have an amazing experience and I can say next time you will definitely buy the products from this brand.

Tanishq Jewellers
Tanishq Jewellers
Credits : TANISHQ

Tanishq is considered one of the best Indian brands and it is ISO certified as well. TATA group owned this brand and this company was established in 1994. TATA company itself is known for its trust and values. Tanishq is a little bit expensive if it is compared with other brands but it is a highly trustable brand.

You can have so many beautiful designs for every beautiful occasion which will definitely fulfill your expectations. You can get stunning designs and the latest collections. The material of Tanishq is so pure and the most important thing is you are safe if you purchase jewelry from this brand & you won't face any problems in the future. If you wish to buy online then this facility is also available and can easily find an online store.

Quality and brand always add up value and this brand is best in that. Not everybody is rich enough to buy costly rings always. Tanishq also takes care of your budget. You can specify your budget to the salesperson and they will help you as per your needs and demands.

DDeepshikha Thapar
06 Mar 20212910

Diamonds are elegant as they are every woman's best friend, that is the reason it's a lifelong possession woman wants to keep forever. Cartier Destinée Solitaire is adorned with beautiful diamonds which bond exceptional pieces of diamonds together in a beautiful way and is available from 2.00 to 5.00 carats which every woman would like to have forever as a best friend.

Circle of light around Cartier Destinée Solitaire diamonds confers incomparable design as each diamond unfolds beautifully cut with precision which gives each diamond finesse and emanates elegance and purity of smooth diamonds which create a look of eternal glow hence it's perfect for women of substance like me.

My husband gifted stunning diamonds on our wedding anniversary, I personally feel It's a perfect gift for powerful women like me, he wanted to surprise me on our wedding anniversary and it was the most loving gift ever, love attracts love when he gifted this loving and sparkling diamonds it showed his love for me and each diamond piece spread true radiance and depicted his delightful love exhibiting all the facades of the enlightened bond we share.

This design is evergreen and stunning and it's the best collection in my diamond jewellery collection. I love the way Cartier has given a creative twist to a ring as it tells the vision and matchless imaginative revelation of a craftsman as each design offers a singular character. The breathtaking radiance and light will light up every party I go to as it brings together diamonds of various cuts and displays carefully setting as well as agile work of the craftsman.

TTushant Bhanot
20 Jan 20213610

As we all know that diamonds are one of the precious gems for women that no one can replace. Because diamond is a sign of wealthiness and prosperity. If I talk about my beloved brand then it is PC Chandra.

P.C. Chandra Jewellers
P.C. Chandra Jewellers
Credits : PC CHANDRA

PC Chandra: It is not just only famous for gold and diamond jewelry but also for the traditional one. If we are talking about a famous brand in diamond jewelry, then PC Chandra is the most popular in rankings. The specialty of this brand is for astrology purposes in which they deal with all types of precious gems. Diamond ornaments of PC Chandra with new modern era designs make it the famous choice of women in this time period.

With diamond ornaments, you can also purchase gold, diamond, and platinum gems in various finishing designs. In their starting days, this brand is only focused on gold jewelry but with the passing of time, it becomes a big name and toughest competitor in diamond jewelry. In this competitive world demands of customers shifted towards this brand because of its discounted ranges for jewels. PC Chandra plays a contributing role to increase the standard in our society. In all kinds of ornaments, this brand has made quite a large name in Indian culture.

You will easily find stylish jewelry at affordable prices and every woman feels special because It's a perfect blend of tradition and style. PC Chandra says they value each of their customers and their demands. Designs of this brand really reflect the exclusivity and elegance. Their handcrafted jewelry designs unleash the inner charisma and personify the style. In your life, you will not regret buying any jewelry from here.