? Which is the Best and Compact Endoscopy Equipment?

HHajirah Mahmood
21 Jan 20216190

This question might be relevant to you if you are interested in new techniques used for surgical procedures. One of the new modalities that have conquered the medical world is minimally invasive techniques to perform surgery. In minimally invasive surgery, few small incisions are made to enter various ports and instruments for the purpose of both performing the surgery as well as visualizing the anatomy inside your body. An endoscope is an instrument that helps you serve the purpose of visualizing the anatomy.

Stryker 1588 AIM Platform
Stryker 1588 AIM Platform
Credits : STRYKER

For a person, who is planning to make a private setup for his clinic, it might be important to know World's best and compact endoscope. My recommendation for this is Stryker's endoscope. Stryker's endoscopes have been undergoing new additional features that continue to help you visualize better anatomy while performing surgery.

We will discuss some of the important features here:

  • Stryker's endoscope features a high definition camera system i.e 1588 AIM camera system. It highlights all the tiniest details about anatomy inside. It features nine surgical camera specialties, and five imaging modalities including IRIS, ENV, DRE, clarity, and DESAT. While using Stryker's endoscope, all the arteries, small ducts, and veins will be completely visible to you. This will enhance precision in your surgeries, avoiding any mishap regarding delicate blood supplies there.
  • 4K 32" Display, to help you visualize tiny things on a big monitor, making it easier to perform inside.
  • Pneumoclear features a 50-liter insufflator that clears smoke produced during usage of diathermy clears humidification and gives you clear images of the results.

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