Which is the Best and Compact Endoscopy Equipment?

The best and compact endoscopy equipment can be used in any procedure that requires visualization of the lumen including but not limited to Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), Cystoscopy and Proctoscopy.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
26 Jan 2021336100

As per me, the endoscopes from Endocare India Pvt. Ltd. are the best in their class. Endocare India Pvt. Ltd. is a medical equipment manufacturing company in Chennai, Tamilnadu. This company sells a wide range of endoscopic accessories, and it is also associated with many other reputed companies.

Endocare Video Gastroscope
Endocare Video Gastroscope

As a Modern company, it is knowledgeable of ethical & social responsibilities and gives quality and innovative care to its patients.

Coming to my personal experience, I had an abdominal disease for which I had to go for endoscopy procedures once a month. I found less discomfort and more accurate reports with Video Gastroscope from Endocare India Pvt. Ltd.

Why you can prefer Endocare India Pvt. Ltd. is,

  • They are pretty much concerned about their customers and patients.
  • They are one of the most popular medical equipment brands, and most hospitals and clinics prefer them.
  • They are known for being passionate about providing safe surgical types of equipment to patients.
  • They work on a philosophy of Dedication, Integrity, and Trust of customers.
  • They offer value to a customer through various types of equipment like Electrosurgical units (ESU), Endoscopic irrigation pumps, Endoscopic electrosurgical units, Video Gastroscope, Video Colonoscope, Video Duodenoscope, Fiberoptic & Video Bronchoscopes.
  • Their agents are the best in explaining things, and the way they do that makes you feel they are providing you the safest device ever.

Apart from these, they are one of the leading companies in the production of N95 masks during the Covid-19 crisis. If you are a doctor concerned about giving the best to patients, it's better to try Endoscopes from Endocare.

HHajirah Mahmood
21 Jan 20217690

This question might be relevant to you if you are interested in new techniques used for surgical procedures. One of the new modalities that have conquered the medical world is minimally invasive techniques to perform surgery. In minimally invasive surgery, few small incisions are made to enter various ports and instruments for the purpose of both performing the surgery as well as visualizing the anatomy inside your body. An endoscope is an instrument that helps you serve the purpose of visualizing the anatomy.

Stryker 1588 AIM Platform
Stryker 1588 AIM Platform
Credits : STRYKER

For a person, who is planning to make a private setup for his clinic, it might be important to know World's best and compact endoscope. My recommendation for this is Stryker's endoscope. Stryker's endoscopes have been undergoing new additional features that continue to help you visualize better anatomy while performing surgery.

We will discuss some of the important features here:

  • Stryker's endoscope features a high definition camera system i.e 1588 AIM camera system. It highlights all the tiniest details about anatomy inside. It features nine surgical camera specialties, and five imaging modalities including IRIS, ENV, DRE, clarity, and DESAT. While using Stryker's endoscope, all the arteries, small ducts, and veins will be completely visible to you. This will enhance precision in your surgeries, avoiding any mishap regarding delicate blood supplies there.
  • 4K 32" Display, to help you visualize tiny things on a big monitor, making it easier to perform inside.
  • Pneumoclear features a 50-liter insufflator that clears smoke produced during usage of diathermy clears humidification and gives you clear images of the results.

PPriya S.
19 Feb 20216740

Sonoscape, an industry leader in the manufacturing of highly functioning endoscopes, has launched the Sonoscape -550 series recently to strengthen the boundaries of therapeutic excellence and help practitioners leverage on a high-end scope for better patient outcomes.

Being a gastroenterology nurse at a leading multi-specialty hospital, we have been using the Sonoscape -550 series for few months and its HD image processing technology helps us with better imaging of the GI tract. This is a 360-degree radial endoscope that twists and turns inside the gut for its better visualization.

This multi-spectral imaging tool has zero cable involvement, and thus switching scopes has become convenient while working on emergency situations. The scope is pretty much comfortable to hold and ensures a seamless procedure even during long interventions.

The ergonomic design and intuitive layout of the Sonoscape 550 series help in keeping the patients comfortable throughout the procedure and people of all ages are able to tolerate the scope pretty well. Intubating the patient has never been easy for us, as this scope features a short bending radius. Its gradual stiffness makes it glide through the pharynx and esophagus, making it much comfortable for our aged clients.

Above all, the water jet function of the Sonoscape-550 series ensures to wash off blood and mucus on the gastrointestinal tract, allowing us to have a clear view of the intestinal path. Its controls can be customized for preset functions enhancing the convenience of the procedure. It is also easy to disinfect and store, as it has waterproofing. This scope truly improves the quality of patient care and helps in prompt GI diagnosis at the least time frame.

AAnirban Majumder
24 Jul 20212110

We can't compromise with our health, especially as far as detection of a disease in its best possible way is concerned. SHREK SY-GW1000C-N is a leader in the market that generates the most satisfactory and accurate outcome of any diagnosis or complicated surgery.

SHREK SY-GW1000C-N model can well be used for ample investigations or intricate medical surgery. First and foremost, the performances have consistently been fabulous. Its Camera System fitted inside is formed of sturdy metals. Brass Metal or Stainless Steel never usually causes inflammation or contamination as they never catch rust. Apart from that, Hi-Fi Pixels and Systems that support HD, fitted with a By Default Camera always help detect any disease or even during a massive operation.

Besides, lucid images can well be viewed just on the output device due to the production of the best coverage. I think, its LED Screen equipped with Touch Model contributes to its efficacy in yielding images without making them blur as the Head of the Camera resists water from entering surgery areas and surroundings during any Endoscopic Performances. Hence, it nullifies the probabilities of sudden septicemia that may cause the patient's death. Overall, this instrument lasts much longer than other brands without any significant technical glitches as far as our observations are concerned.

Bolts or nails used in this equipment don't catch corrosion over long periods of time. Moreover, we have never experienced any short circuits while using this machine. Needless to say, it boosts up the machine's longevity. The machine's color also remains the same without getting faded.

Per my observations, the Brass circuit of this SHREK SY-GW1000C-N model protects itself from getting entangled. According to science, this basically thwarts a probable ground connection. Moreover, Cables are safeguarded twice, and this characteristic plays a protective role. These cables even can vibrate numerous times along testing without failure.

Digital Zoom extended up to 60X is capable of magnifying the spots of investigations effectively. Its brightness levels can be adjusted well, just the way we require. Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) adjusted to this device, contributes to its noiseless performances.

BBenson Omondi Awino
22 Jun 20211610

FHD-LP-4000R Full HD 1080p 2.4-megapixel laparoscopic and endoscopy camera ensures that any medical operations run freely and meticulously. Its design is suitable for medical surgical applications with its ability to capture exceptionally sharp details.

It has a full HD camera head with a 1/1.9" megapixel Sony Exmor Sensor that aids it with the details. One of the exceptional features of this device is that it has a 60Fp zero delay imaging, which plays a significant role in the success of complex medical procedures and ensuring that every method is meticulously precise and devoid of any errors.

I liked the fact that it can record and carry high-definition images. This feature makes it easier for surgeons to review their past work, and I think it is one of the most appreciated features of this product. It has an inbuilt recorder in the USB drive whose recording can be started or paused via remote control or the control unit.

It assists surgeons in medical procedures that demand notably clear vision with its broader sensor. It provides clear and zero-delaying images, even in the areas of the human body not lit enough. The low light consumption and reduced noise make it easy to use with all types of light sources. With the full HD images in 2.4 megapixels, there is no interference with the picture colour quality because of its commendable 1/1.9'' Sony sensor.

It has a powerful Korean processor that delivers full HD images from the depth of the human body with a High Dynamic Range (HDR). It is impeccable to see the coloured pixels generated by the FHD-LP-4000R with clarity and brightness. Its features make the object more real and enhance the user's ability to monitor every minute detail.

With its RGB range, wider lens, and high-resolution capability, FHD-LP-4000 is one of the highly efficient endoscopic cameras. It enables its user to carry out more accurate medical procedures in a short span.