? Which are the Best Active Sportswear Pants for Gym and Camping for Men?

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BBenson Omondi Awino
27 Aug 20211310

IconX 2 Joggers is a camping, sports and gym wear, that is designed by Virus. There are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex with a silk lining for unmatched performance, and a casual look designed for any eventualities during workout routines.

IconX 2 Joggers Active Pants
IconX 2 Joggers  Active Pants

From my experience, these pants can outshine any exercises from squats to weight lifting since they are made of tough fabric. They are made of bioceramic material that increases endurance and ensures you are always ready for adventure. From jogging to gym workouts the pants aim at providing extra legroom, which gave me an edge while exercising.

The IconX 2 jogger pants allow users to cool down, warm up and relax in just one wear, a rare experience in most pants. These features allowed me to participate in adventures and daily activities with ease. The extra legroom around the squat space brought much-needed comfort especially when camping. The stylish look of the pant enabled me to take care of any emergencies during my routine without the worry of my appearance.

The pants have a spacious pocket with a long zip-lining to keep your media devices, this assures maximum security with an external drawstring that helps with accessing the spaces easily. The reflective side designs have an appealing look, this worked for me since I like keeping my stylish look throughout the day.

The stretchable fabric used in these pants is amazing because it breathes in the air bringing much-needed comfort in tightened areas. Iconx 2 Joggers only require liquid soap to clean and you only hang to dry. The hem is cuffed for the best fitting around my ankles. The waist is fitted with a gentle rubber and string to ensure that I always have a compact and relaxed feel throughout the day.

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